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The Miracle Machine

The Miracle Machine , not just a clever play on words giving respect to the greatest winemaker of all time but  a pretty cool device. For all of those people who maybe don’t want to make beer at home, or maybe you would just like to add making your own …

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The Dash – Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones

The Dash is the worlds first wireless in ear headphone. You can either store up to 1000 songs on the headphones themselves or you can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The music is just the tip of the iceberg with the dash though, it is a full fitness tracker …

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Monsieur. The Artificially Intelligent Robotic Bartender

Monsieur is a robotic bartender that I couldn’t imagine a person who doesn’t like a drink or two not wanting. Monsieur comes with 300 built in recipes out of the box and more can be added in addition to programmable themes.  Monsieur will send you a text if it is …

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Pressy the Almighty Android Button!

Pressy is a button that acts as a controller for your phone. It is a little piece that plugs into the headphone jack and comes with an app that you can program different sequences of button presses to access different actions on your phone. Lets say you take a lot …

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Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear makes me think of the old Dick Tracy cartoons where he is talking to his watch, but I am sure it does for many and I am not the first one to say it. Looking at the everything that this watch does it seems like a good …

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Carzor is a razor and mirror that folds up into a credit card sized package that easily will fit in your wallet. So if you forgot to shave and have a unexpected meeting at work , Carzor could come in very handy.

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